Looking for a chance to rest and reboot in your week? Find me teaching yoga classes in Atlanta! Join me for the start of something great at Sacred Chill {West} and Solstice Yoga + Barre.


195 Arizona Ave. Atlanta, GA  30307


Wednesday 6:45pm

A practice for all levels to rest and rejuvenate. Turn down to let your energies balance to reduce stress and self-heal. We will combine Restorative with Yin and Yoga Nidra, three styles that are slow and calming to encourage the mind, body and spirit to connect and harmonize for lasting wellness.This 75 minute session gives you back time to feel a release from the overload and demands of this fast-moving world and experience the realness of your power to shift yourself into a state of ease. A typical class will begin with Yin, a style that is gentle while it works on a deeper level clearing blockage from the joints, tissues and energy channels. Then seep into the simplicity of a Restorative practice which takes out any effort to allow every part of your body to rest using props for support. Finally enjoy being guided in Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep”, a tool that heightens consciousness and inner awareness for making all that you do and think more fruitful.

Style: Restorative

Level: All Levels

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2030 Bolton Rd. Atlanta, GA  30318


Monday 9:30am

Begin seated or resting  mindfully on your back and work up to an accessible flow that will focus on engaging the body and mind in preparation for a practice in stillness. Stillness is reflected in many ways, through many practices. This class will sample small our offerings in meditation, yoga nidra, or long held restorative poses.  A perfect way to start or end your day, you’ll balance strong movement with the quiet intention of stillness. Expect about 40 minutes of flow, 15 minutes of stillness and a 5-minute savasana.

Style: Vinyasa + Gentle

Level: All Levels


Monday 12:00pm

This style of yoga is relatively still and focuses on passive poses (or relaxing the body and muscles) combined with holding poses longer while focusing breath, sensation, and internal movement.  Practice being with sustained intensity. Many of the poses are seated or lying on your back or stomach. Longer holds in the pose help facilitate the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. Yin is a great counter balance to more active styles of yoga.

Style: Yin

Level: All Levels


Friday 12:00pm

Meet parts of your deeper self and inner wisdom through meditation. The fast pace of our lives does get us here and there, but slowing down to connect with yourself and your passions can enhance the quality of our movement as we tend to our responsibilities such as job and family. Take this time out to experience guidance into greater knowledge of self, to a greater state of balance within and without to a tool that can grow to become part of your everyday self-care practices. This 45 minute session offers one part guided meditation, one part silent meditation and closes with a time for reflection through journaling or resting. Explore the space and time available to you to pause, increasing body awareness, mental focus and connection to the spirit.

Style: Meditation

Level: All Levels


Tue 12:00pm / Thur 6:15pm / Fri 9:30am / Sun 4:30pm

Our Yin Flow series is designed to address tension in the connective tissue of the body with a 30 minute yin practice, followed by 20 minutes of vinyasa flow — taking you deeper into postures and allowing you to move more freely in transitions between. We will end will meditation and a long savasana.

A regular yin practice can have considerable impact to chronic tightness and imbalances causes by overuse. This class will be a physical AND sound/musical journey. By fusing art/sound with movement, we inspire a deeper, less cerebral connection to our energetic bodies.

Style: Yin + Vinyasa

Level: All Levels

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