Begin Here: Introduction to Yoga Workshop

October 20, 2019

Are you ready to try yoga for the first time or return after a few weeks, months, or years away? Would you like a class that will truly start from the beginning? This 3-hour workshop will prepare you with the essential knowledge for a safe and meaningful practice including the structure of a beginner level class, the names of poses, especially those of the Sun Salutations A + B, Yin and Restorative Yoga, and their proper alignment and modifications for your unique body. Learn the role of the breath for enhancing your endurance and stimulating the flow of your healing energy. Discover what yoga is to you and gain confidence through experiencing the benefits it has to offer.

Science of Breath Workshop

September 08, 2019

Could re-learning how to do something as simple as breathing really change the way you experience this life? The breath is more, the breath gives more and it awaits to fill you and shine light on your ability, vitality and peace. It takes away what you need cleared out to help make space for seeing and healing who you are. Rediscovery of the breath is how we begin to uncover our source of life-force energy and how to take back control over the small actions and reactions in our lives to help reveal our truth and our purpose. Our spirit relies on it as a vehicle to move and flow through us, reminding us we are always connected to our source and Self. Reconnect to the power you have to change, be, hold and release.

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