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I  believe in your power to self-heal and transform your life for balanced health, heightened consciousness and joyful living.

Yoga found me at the age of 34 while on my journey to finding holistic health alternatives and spiritual healing. I had been studying herbs, I was a vegan and I was training in a martial art called Capoeira Angola. I was buried in books about the power of thought and the energy that makes us one with the universe, but I sought a physical practice which matched the truth I had been awakened to. It was yoga which showed me the way to know I am connected to my ancestors, to confidently grow into a greater knowledge of self, and to open myself up to my will and role as a teacher.


Practicing and sharing yoga enlivened my desire to give back the information I had accumulated through studies in ancient world history, the science of life, ancient herbalism and holistic health, metaphysics and live food. Once realizing through practice that the link between my passions was going to help others, my mission since has been to bring this healing wisdom and modalities together to guides others to a feeling of wholeness and awareness for self-healing.

The roots of my yoga teaching style are in the breath and my branches are in movement. I shine light on the integration of these to work toward bringing a sense of harmony and homestasis within and without. l guide with a gentle, simple approach to show an eager practitioner their ability and rightful skills to realign with and heal oneself, letting the holistic nature of my teaching to help manifest wellness and ease in all aspects of life. I challenge the misconception that yoga is meant to be a sport and I return the spiritual element of this ancient art to the practice. I weave in scientifically and historically sound theory and philosophy which guides students to create safe and meaningful relationships with yoga.


From my decade-long path to health and happiness, I have created a whole self-healing system that heals from the inside out. My goals are to reinstill self-healing wisdom within people to help them avoid pain, illness, high medical fees and unnecessary surgery. I aim to help in reducing stress levels related to everyday living, from the job, school, family or crisis. Bridging ancient sciences with modern practices has helped me to see the medicine that I have available to me when I am truly connected with nature, and I see the possibility for us to collectively put the healing back into our rituals of yoga and eating. Equally important to me is to provide a conscious and culturally aware space for people of color to learn and heal, and passing on these ancient healing sciences to preserve our history and to equip the next generation to stay connected to their past through knowledge of self.

A passion of mine is to travel the world, to explore where our ancestors have left us the blueprint of their healing systems and to share the practices which can reconnect us to them. From studying yoga and Ayurveda in India to teaching in Belize, Jamaica and Costa Rica, I have created opportunities to enhance my own knowledge and bring the applicable wisdom back to the communities which need it most in the US. I specialize in teaching the very essentials of movement and sharing with teachers how to instruct methodically to ensure confidence and comfort. I look forward to helping you to

  • Apply a sound and scientifically based foundation for progressing safely and with ease

  • Build lasting confidence through learning how the science applies to your unique body and mind

  • Enhance your body awareness for improving alignment and coordination while avoiding injury

  • Reduce the symptoms associated with illness, surgery and musculoskeletal disorders

  • Increase your focus and concentration to better set and achieve your personal goals

  • Identify, monitor and lower stress levels to prevent mental and physical fatigue and disease

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