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Hearing from students about their experiences at Firehawk Yoga or learning with Ona Hawk elsewhere is the backbone of our mission and our inspiration for creating services and improving the education we offer. Share your experience with us to help others to see the possibility for healthy change through practice of this ancient art.

"I was never interested in yoga until I saw Ona's daily practice. These movements resonate with me in a way other yoga methodology never has before. Centered, creative, and encouraging self-respect."


- Greeley, Somerville MA

"I have been practicing other forms of Yoga for about 8 years. This was my first time doing Kemetic Yoga and I enjoyed it! Moving at a slower pace and using more of my body weight intensified this practice. It's definitely something I would love to try again here at Firehawk Studio!"  


-Telania, Atlanta GA

"Hard work and consistent practice... excellence & precision of body and mind... Ona Hawk takes to heart her instruction and practices as it was intended. Therefore she is on her way to mastering this system."


-Yirser Ra Hotep, Chicago IL

"I've been extremely sluggish... My experience made me slow down, really breathe and envision myself how I want to be. I pictured myself running (not away from anything) but just feeling the freedom of cool air whisking through my hair and my abdomen relaxing and contracting with each stride. I look forward to adding a yoga practice into my daily life and connecting to my own ethnic roots spiritually since I've been so deprived from my actual roots."


-Aeisha, Atlanta GA

"I just completed my first professional yoga session at Firehawk Studio with instructor Ona Hawk... It is now the second best thing I have done for myself in this lifetime. It is soooo refreshing to be around truly positive people. People that leave you with a feeling of a connection to the Earth. A feeling of abundance in all that the Creator has given and has yet to give. Thank you for sharing."


-Regina, Carrollton GA

"This class was amazing. Ona is very detail-oriented and gives clear and concise instruction on each pose and the breathing techniques. Very challenging physically and mentally. Thank you so much! I will be back!"


- Shannon, Atlanta GA

"This yoga studio is the best I have been to thus far. Amazing vegan/raw food and the beautiful people there make this place phenomenal!!!!"


-Kabira, Nashville TN

"I learned that how we breathe affects how we move in the world and specifically how we deal with stress and other people. Breath is the key."


-Brittany, East Point GA

"This class was amazing! I feel 100 times better than I did at the start of the class! I feel so relaxed, centered and more in tune with my body than before. Thanks Ona!! Amazing instructor and a beautiful spirit. I learned a lot and look forward to taking more classes soon!"


-Leta, Atlanta GA

"I never knew how amazing Kemetic Yoga is. I feel very centered and connected to Mother Earth. Focusing on my breath helped cleanse my cluttered mind from distraction and negativity. My pains (mental and physical) seemed to have melted away with the wind as the positive wind entered. I feel like I can fly!"


-Tiara, Lithonia GA

"Ona is a great instructor. Her connection with the most high mixed with her technique is a great recipe for a wonderful experience for any student."


-Natasha, Atlanta GA

"Ona, thank you for the work you're doing. Throughout the entire practice, tears kept filling my eyes as my channels were opened up to the beautiful energy. I also loved the way Kemetic focuses on the breath. Keep up the good work!"


-Ivy, Atlanta GA

"Wonderful woman. Wonderful yoga instructor. Wonderful studio."


-Lydia, New Orleans, LA

"Really enjoyed the class. I'm feeling so relaxed. Definitely helped to refine my technique and to incorporate these poses into my routine. Thanks!"


-Arin, Atlanta, GA

"This was my very first experience with yoga and being part of a yoga class. It was very, very relaxing and I really enjoyed the experience. I will definitely come back for more classes and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about yoga itself and being more at one with myself."


-Ayanna, Atlanta, GA

Amber Jones

Atlanta, GA

"Before coming to Firehawk Yoga I had gone to a few other yoga classes but was never inspired to start a regular practice. Kemetic Yoga from the beginning felt very different and personal to me. Rule of Four Beathing and the concept of sacred geometry vibed with me and I was inspired to practice more. Now Kemetic Yoga is an everyday part of my life as a healing and athletic practice. Ona has been an awesome teacher who is very in tune with how bodies move and react in Kemetic Yoga. She has always been very cognizant of the best ways to move in and out of poses tailored to your experience and comfort. She always seems to know when and how to push to help me get to the next level. Firehawk Yoga has been the best experience for me."

"Everything was wonderful! From the yoga poses to the instruction and the knowledge, to the awesome raw food! I loved everything and I can't wait for the next workshop! I had an ethereal experience!   

-Lauren, Atlanta, GA

"My experience in class is always life changing and peaceful. Learning how to breathe has been very beneficial in and out of class, keeping me more calm and aware of present moments. The postures we study are revitalizing to my body, stretching points of myself I have never reached. It is a new experience every class."


-Alan, Atlanta GA

"Class was very relaxing. I enjoyed the flow from beginning to end. The start of the class when we focused on our breath was extremely helpful. The movements and flow of progression matched the flow of breath that we went through at the beginning as well. This was my first class taking Kemetic Yoga and I loved it. I will be back for more."


-Alyson, Atlanta GA

"I always love coming to Ona's class. The mind/body relaxation is what yoga is to me, and that is something that many other yoga studios don't combine, they mostly focus on poses only. Ona's light, energy and love keeps me coming back. She's an amazing woman."  

-Jaz, Atlanta, GA

"I was looking for rejuvenation of my balance and I have found it here with Firehawk. After my first session I was hooked. I've tried yoga before and there was no spark. Yoga for me is a building block for life, love and inspiration. I am beginning to see the me that I have always wanted to be, get balanced. I would highly recommend Firehawk Yoga for a rooted experience."


-Tirtzah, Atlanta GA

"My first time taking a class with Ona Hawk was one of the best exercise sessions I ever experienced. It was better than going to the gym. At first I was trying to figure out how I would fit in because I never took a yoga class before, but Ona made me feel like there was no rush to learning Kemetic Yoga, you learn at your own pace. She made me feel comfortable and coached me through the whole session. After the session I could feel the energy flowing through my body. Thanks Ona Hawk!"


-Jason, Atlanta GA

"I really enjoyed the class, I learned new information. I would come back to try more. Thank you."


-Micheal, Atlanta GA

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