Meditation: Four Directions

"Where do we go from here?" The four directions give us a map to navigate the circle of life, our connection with nature the course of our healing and the path toward our desires. Invite yourself to go deep into stillness in body and mind, tune in to your compass within, allow your true being to travel to unimaginable places and into the limitless space that it yearns to know.

In class one, we travel east. Dawn of the day and the start of our life. We return to our beginning and open ourselves to newness awaiting.


In class two, we travel south. Fire and warmth of the summer season transform and open us up to the messages the universe sends our way.

In class three, we travel west. Toward the setting sun, the end of a day. We prepare for the end of cycles with the wisdom gained through our experiences.


In class four, we travel north. We meet the cold and challenges of discomfort that reveal our clarity, strength and endurance to rest, heal and continue forward.


In class five, we stay home. We find and feel love and a stable sense of being in our core, at the heart, where we may always return.


In class six, we are free. We know where we've been and where we are free to go. We are not held to any direction by others and allow our intention to clear our path. 


A journey through the four earthly directions, their elements, their colors and other qualities in this meditation practice offer you a gentle way to meet the possibilities that await you when it is your intuition that guides you.



Meditation: Tree of Life

The tree of life is a sacred geometric symbol of our interconnection with all life on this planet and energy in the universe. It represents the concepts of immortality and eternal life that span across cultures for ages. Like the tree, we are embodiments of the creation, growth and life that our spirit journeys through.


In class one, we entangle in the roots of our being. We tend to the soil our growth begins in and nurture it from what nature provides.


In class two, we expand into the trunk that is our core. We see and feel what lives and what we protect within and without.


In class three, we spread out into our branches. We acknowledge the pathways of energy in the body and extension of our life force beyond.


In class four, we blossom into fruit and flower. We reach the heights in consciousness and physical wellness we aspire to achieve and share.

Explore your connection to the vast existence and your experience through meditation, from your twisting roots to the opening flowers of your being and purpose.

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