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Meet parts of your deeper self and inner wisdom through meditation. The fast pace of our lives does get us here and there, but slowing down to connect with yourself and your passions can enhance the quality of our movement as we tend to our responsibilities such as job and family. Take this time out to experience guidance into greater knowledge of self, to a greater state of balance within and without to a tool that can grow to become part of your everyday self-care practices. These 30 minute sessions are guided meditations with  an opportunity for silent meditation and reflection time through journaling or resting. Explore the space and time available to you to pause, increasing body awareness, mental focus and connection to the spirit.

Four Directions


"Where do we go from here?" The four directions give us a map to navigate the circle of life, our connection with nature the course of our healing and the path toward our desires. Invite yourself to go deep into stillness in body and mind, tune in to your compass within, allow your true being to travel to unimaginable places and into the limitless space that it yearns to know.


A journey through the four earthly directions, their elements, their colors and other qualities in this meditation practice offer you a gentle way to meet the possibilities that await you when it is your intuition that guides you.

Tree of Life

The tree of life is a sacred geometric symbol of our interconnection with all life on this planet and energy in the universe. It represents the concepts of immortality and eternal life that span across cultures for ages. Like the tree, we are embodiments of the creation, growth and life that our spirit journeys through.

Explore your connection to the vast existence and your experience through meditation, from your twisting roots to the opening flowers of your being and purpose.

Mind Body

Consciousness lives, grows and manifests through our entire being. While we tend to think that we separate the mind from the body in our practices, stillness balances the body as much as movement heals the mind. Learn how to gently step out of your own way to invite in a harmonious and easeful integration between your thoughts and actions, your thinking and your being.

Let the breath guide you to slow down and listen to the language that the body and mind share to inform each other and heighten your awareness of their relationship and your holistic wellness.

Firehawk Yoga


Are you seeking a gentle way to approach your practice that yields balance in body, mind and energy levels? Firehawk Yoga is a holistic system which helps you gain full awareness of your physical and spiritual anatomy through observation of your feelings in stillness and action. By moving slowly and breaking down each movement with parts of the breath, we give time to experience the comfort and ease that is available in each part of a posture. Based on ancient healing sciences of Africa and India, Firehawk aims to instill a deeper knowledge of history, a greater connection to our ancestors and the wisdom they pass, and build lasting physical and mental confidence, strength and endurance. Reclaim your power to self-heal and thrive in truth and whole wellness.

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