Yoga: An African Perspective


Explore the African roots of yoga that contribute to our modern practice with Kemetic Yoga. This practice offers a way back, not only to one of the most simple and effective forms of practice,but also to the extensive excellence and gifts of ancient Africa and the diaspora. 


In class one, you’ll explore a gentle way to balance your energy through proper breathing techniques and to integrate breath with movement for a more comfortable practice.

In class two, you’ll evolve your understanding of spiritual anatomy and how life-force moves through the body to better understand the unique “why” and feel of poses.


In class three, you’ll experience the sun salutation slowed down and feel the energetic connection between yourself and the power of the life-giving force that this sequence honors.


In the fourth and final class, you’ll learn techniques and adjustments for building a strong foundation for arm balances and inversions that includes a focus on the breath. 


Through the self-healing practice of Kemetic yoga we remember how to move our bodies and use our minds in the way that nature intended us to: for energetic wellness and higher consciousness. Ona’s approach to integrating breath, meditation, and movement will empower your spirit, mind, and body for a healthier, more informed and rewarding yoga experience.

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