Learn the poses and techniques of our ancient African ancestors for self-healing and higher consciousness with Ona Hawk

Kemetic Yoga DVD

Now you can experience the ancient art of Kemetic Yoga from anywhere, anytime. Learn the poses unique to ancient Egypt in a way that you can use in your day-to-day life for enhancing your health and well-being. Ona Hawk is excited to finally bring you this basic yet detailed teaching to help spread the safe techniques and authentic tradition of our African healing practices.   

This DVD is designed to give access for all, near and abroad, to the healing and self-knowledge that Kemetic Yoga has to offer. The level is for beginners to the Kemetic Yoga system as well as for practitioners of any level or style who wish to embark on their self-healing journey or deepen their connection with the art! Includes the Kemetic breathing technique and over 15 step-by-step instructed postures with easy transitions and modifications. 


Style: Kemetic Yoga

Level: Beginner 

Time: 60 minutes

Written, Filmed and Produced by Ona Hawk for Firehawk Yoga



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